Real-time marine updates all in one place


Receive marine updates

Real-time mariner updates, wildlife sightings, news, polls, and free AIS traffic at your fingertips. Get streamlined notifications all in one place.


Engage with stakeholders

Communicate with marine stakeholders and never miss important updates on the water.


Chat with vessels

One on one messaging with other vessels on and off the water. Manage your privacy settings and choose how and when you chat.


Manage your gear

Pin the live location of your gear with the option of sharing to marine stakeholders. Provide accurate, evidence-based claims and resolve gear-related damage/loss.


Beautiful design with modern UI

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How it works - 3 easy steps

  • Register your vessel

    Register your vessel to communicate live location and activity among a centralized network of marine vessels.


  • Customize your experience

    Define your Areas of Interest, filter stakeholder news feeds, select between map overlays, and choose chat visibility to streamline customized notifications to your fingertips.


  • Plug into your marine network

    Connect to a real-time marine network. Engage with marine stakeholders and navigate voyages with important updates and communication.



Plug into your marine network

Realtime and streamlined cutting-edge functionality at your fingertips.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

No- other fishermen cannot see your data on WATERFRONT. This includes trap locations, fishing locations, and crew members. You can choose to share your information with offshore wind developers to help them better understand where fishing vessels are most active, but this feature is completely optional.

You can pinpoint exactly where your gear is in the water with WATERFRONT. Gear pinning allows you to select start and end dates, gear type (fixed, mobile), and a custom name and photo to identify gear. Gear pinning maintains a historical record of your activity, facilitating evidence-based gear loss/damage claims. This information will not be shared unless you choose to share.

We are currently working to overlay nautical charts to make it even easier for fishing vessels to track their traps and gear whilst in the water.

There are many features in WATERFRONT that can be applied to the fishing community. You can record ecological sightings to help track marine animals, track your traps and gear with GPS features, and see where offshore wind developers plan to build their wind farms.

We are currently working to add features that allow all members of a fishing vessel to share data across their accounts. This includes shared data of trap and gear locations and ecological sightings.

WATERFRONT is completely free to use. No advertisements.

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